Friday, 12 June 2015

Fierce Competition at Cornbury

Young Engineers have competed fiercely at the annual end of season Gravity Race held at Cornbury Park this week. Motorsports students raced cars they had designed and built in a tight competition spanning the entire day.

"The Heart of Motorsports"

Some cars were damaged at the high speeds achieved, with one car losing both front wheels. This was repaired using spare parts by the resourceful final year students, who went on to complete some successful time trials in the repaired vehicle.

Innovative design solutions were deployed on track, leading to surprising results. Race Organiser, Brian Eade commented “This has been a fantastic day. The student efforts over the year shows through, with the advanced engineering skill these students have learned translating in to the fast times we see here today”.

Gravity racing is highly competitive, motorsports students competing advised in this formula "focuses their minds" on key elements of their sport. “There is no motor of course, but we are Engineers rather than mechanics” said student Gus Derry, one of this year’s finalists. “The suspension, steering, breaks and aerodynamics we do here are the heart of all motorsports”.

Final year Level Three students at Bicester Motorsports complete Cornbury, and also a Motorsports Preparation event at Brands Hatch each year. The foundational skills they learn in welding, machining, and 3D design in their first year set them up for this active second year. These skills see many of these students go on to full time employment in the local motorsports industry.

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