Monday, 16 February 2015

Makerbot 3D Printer Installed at Bicester

Bicester Motorsport has come into possession of a Makerbot 3d Printer, which has been installed and fitted into the CNC workshop facility. This printer has been tested by trained technicians and is now available for student projects.

The printer was obtained after staff at the campus applied for a capital bid for the equipment. Rapid prototyping is a key area of motorsport today, with some aspects of current Formula One cars being printed for the final car. The technology is also used in prototyping, and Bicester Motorsport has a large collection of donated 3D printed parts which were used last season.

Learning Coach and lead Makerbot Technician Nicholas Buzzard has commented on the possibilities of this new addition:

‘Having this technology at the college is a wonderful addition to the CNC workshop. Now we have the capability to design parts and objects in SolidWorks, convert them for printing, and then produce them on automated devices. “

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