Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Calling all Former Students...

Bicester Motorsports, formerly OCVC, are seeking former students to add to the Hall of Fame which is being compiled to demonstrate the high number of our students who get jobs in the motorsports industry.

As one of the oldest motorsports colleges in the UK, Bicester Motorsports is a dedicated campus which has given many hundreds of students a positive start to their careers in motorsports. They are well placed to help, with established linkes with Force India, Prodrive, Lotus, Caterham, and a location near to many hundreds of supportive companies and suppliers. Figures for the last two years show that more than a third of students go on to work in motorsports at the high end, and apprenticeships with motorsports teams are growing year on year.

So many students have achieved success in industry that staff have lost track of many of the successful, and we have begun plans to honour those who have been so successful by setting up an alumni association and Hall of Honour. If you are a former student, or know a former student of ours, please get in touch.

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